Schneider inverter ATV61

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3-phase asynchronous motor (power range 0.75 to 800 kW) frequency converter for variable torque applications series description 3-phase 200 / 240 V - 380 / 480 V - 500 / 690 V & bull& bull; UL type 1 / IP20, from 0.75 to 800 kW& bull; & bull; UL type 12 / IP54 from 0.75 to 800 kW& bull; & bull; Speed range: 1:100 in open loop mode& bull; & bull; Overload: 110%... 120% - 60s& bull; & bull; Graphic terminal: plain text, navigation button, which can be started immediately & ldquo; Simple start & rdquo; Menu, which can immediately benefit from all the performance of ATV61& bull; & bull; Integrated class A or class B EMC filter& bull; & bull; Energy saving method, secondary motor control method& bull; & bull; Comply with international standards and certification: CE, UL, CSA, c-tick& bull; & bull; Integrate MODBUS and CANopen& bull; & bull; Communication cards for Industry: Ethernet, Fipio, modus plus, DeviceNet, interbus-s, uniteway; Communication cards for buildings: LonWorks, BACnet, Metasys N2 and apogee FLN& bull; & bull; Input / output expansion card& bull; & bull; Programmable multi pump card: atv38 compatibility and new application software& bull; & bull; PowerSuite software: configure, set and save parameters from the application software& bull; & bull; Economical design& bull; & bull; More than 150 functions are available& bull; & bull; Protect motor and frequency converter& bull; & bull; Safety function: & ldquo; Power off & rdquo;, ATEX; & bull; & bull; Simple and exquisite& bull; & bull; Open to major building and industrial communication networks& bull; & bull; The design is exquisite and can be customized according to your needs& bull; & bull; This series is specially used for pumps and fans in industrial market and construction market: superior performance and advanced function& bull; & bull; High performance variable torque applications: > fan: safety with forced function (fault prohibition, selection of travel direction and reference speed) > multi pump: Altivar 61 can be flexible, user-friendly and adaptive in managing multiple pumps by using programmable multi pump card > pumps: for device under load protection Necessary functions for overload protection and fluid loss detection protection
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