Schneider inverter atv71

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3-phase synchronous motor and 3-phase asynchronous motor frequency converter with motor power range of 0.37 to 630 kW series description 200... 240 V single phase 200... 240 V / 380... 690 V 3-phase, 50 / 60 Hz & bull; Speed regulation through flux vector control with or without sensors& bull; Speed range: 1 to 1000 in closed-loop mode with speed feedback and 1 to 100 in open-loop mode& bull; Graphic terminal: plain text, navigation buttons, configurable function keys, & ldquo; Simple start & rdquo; Menu& bull; Protect motor and frequency converter& bull;& ldquo; Power off & rdquo; Safety function, ATEX safety function& bull; More than 150 functions are available: PID regulator, suitable for brake control of movement, lifting and rapid directional movement& bull; Integrate MODBUS and CANopen& bull; Input / output expansion card, encoder interface card& bull; Communication cards: Fipio, Ethernet, Modbus Plus, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, uni telway, INTERBUS& bull; Built in controller programmable card& bull; The only series up to 630kw, with superior performance and advanced functions& bull; For all communication networks, applications, users & hellip; Opening up& bull; ATV 71 can provide well-designed solutions for all your specific needs& bull; High performance applications (constant torque): > material handling > lifting > wood processing machinery > processing machinery > textile machinery > Packaging & bull; Due to different motor control types and a large number of integrated functions, ATV 71 series frequency converter can meet the most stringent requirements& bull; This series of frequency converter is suitable for the frequency converter with the highest requirements: & bull; Accuracy of torque and speed at very low speed, high dynamic performance of flux vector control (with or without sensor)& bull; Expand the frequency range for high-speed motors& bull; The special frequency converter with voltage / frequency ratio mode is connected in parallel with the motor& bull; Static speed accuracy and energy saving of synchronous motor in open-loop mode& bull; Smooth adaptability to unbalanced machines with ENA system (energy adaptation system)& bull; For 690V AC line power supply, when ATV 71 frequency converter is used in a large voltage range, its advanced function can improve the performance level and make the machine more universal, so it can be used in a variety of applications.

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