Schneider soft starter ATS48

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•   Power: 4 to 1200kW& bull;   & bull; Voltage: 230... 415 V / 208... 690 V - 50 / 60 Hz& bull;   & bull; Torque control system (TCS patent) through ATS48& bull;   & bull; Thermal protection of motor& bull;   & bull; Mechanical protection: under load and overload, under load and overload protection with adjustable threshold and time, rotor locked rotor and steering monitoring& bull;   & bull; Factory settings meet the needs of immediate start& bull;   & bull; Simplify customer settings through integrated display or PowerSuite software& bull;   & bull; Bypass contactor control to eliminate heat dissipation& bull;   & bull; Dual configuration (2 sets of motor parameters)& bull;   & bull; Many configurable inputs / outputs& bull;   & bull; Cascade soft start and soft stop of multiple motors& bull;   & bull; Integrated modbus, Fipio, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, Ethernet& bull;   & bull; Warranty period: 18 months& bull;   & bull; ATS48 brings you endless benefits with its torque control system (TCS) patent& bull;   & bull; Start immediately, simple wiring, expand communication function, and integrate it into the core of application with its complete and simple concept& bull;   & bull; Series dedicated to building HVAC applications& bull;   & bull; Pump& bull;   & bull; Fans and high inertia machinery& bull;   & bull; Conveyor belt.
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