The future of photovoltaic power generation is distributed

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The future of China's new energy lies in photovoltaic, and the future photovoltaic is distributed. The surge of the photovoltaic market in 2014 makes everyone look forward to a better performance of the distributed photovoltaic power generation industry in the market. Although people are still exploring the performance of domestic distributed photovoltaic in the future, they still rely on their unremitting efforts to get rid of the darkness before dawn. & ldquo; held in Shanghai on December 19; Energy Internet leads the transformation of the times -- Distributed photovoltaic application and Financial Innovation Conference & rdquo; In, several experts from the photovoltaic industry and banks, media, Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni Association and other people who have long been paying attention to the development of new energy have discussed the development status of photovoltaic from the aspects of civil photovoltaic, energy efficiency management and investment benefits. Xin Lei, Secretary General of the energy branch of Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni Association, said: & ldquo; Distributed photovoltaic will play a great role in civil use. From the perspective of the third industrial revolution, the core point is that new energy has given the whole society a new commercial and industrial application and interpretation. The application of distributed energy will inevitably subvert the traditional energy distribution mode from top to bottom and from centralized to distributed, and will be dispersed to each individual for rapid and multi-form transactions in the energy field. This new mode will constitute a new industrial, commercial and living system and create a new future& rdquo;     On the issue of how to learn from foreign photovoltaic development, vice president of energy branch of Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni Association, national & ldquo; Thousands of experts in the plan & rdquo; Wang Yiming, general manager of Ningbo Jinlang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said: & ldquo; Now the development of distributed power stations with a large number of industry, commerce and users abroad has experienced a development process of more than ten years. We must learn from the good things and do not take the road of repetition and mistakes. At the beginning, China's distributed power stations have a better foundation than foreign countries. The first is that foreign development provides a good experience and reference basis for domestic development. The second is that the domestic photovoltaic industry has high-quality industry from the beginning. From the beginning, it aims at the market with high requirements and high standards, which is a condition that any other industry in China does not have. What worries me most is that at the beginning of the market, we smashed the quality because of our own problems rather than capacity problems. Ensuring the reliability and quality of distributed photovoltaic system should be considered at the stage when we haven't really done it. Many enterprises divide their products into two different product lines for domestic use and foreign use, and carry out production and management according to different standards, which is incredible for jinlang& rdquo;     In addition, to promote the domestic photovoltaic industry, it is also necessary to improve the efficiency of components and grid connected inverters, so as to promote the whole photovoltaic power generation system to have higher work efficiency, and the system integrated sales can provide users with more convenient power generation methods; We should also design some special products and provide special services useful to customers to meet the personalized needs of users. Although 2014 is a changeable year for the domestic photovoltaic industry, and there are still many difficulties on the road of market promotion, under the guidance and leadership of your experienced predecessors, the future spring of the domestic photovoltaic industry will not be far away. We still believe in & ldquo; The future of China's new energy lies in photovoltaic, and the future of photovoltaic is distributed & rdquo;.

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