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Fangda group has made frequent moves in photovoltaic investment recently. On November 26, the company announced that it would invest 4 billion yuan in the construction of photovoltaic distributed power station in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. On the evening of December 24, the company announced a non-public offering plan to raise no more than 1.008 billion funds for investment in distributed photovoltaic power generation projects and repayment of bank loans. On December 25, after the resumption of trading, the company's share price once fell by nearly 8%, and the share price rebounded in the afternoon. As of the closing, the share price was reported at 11.1 yuan / share, down 0.8%. Coincidentally, on the evening of December 24, Dongfang energy, another listed company, also announced that it had signed two photovoltaic power generation projects with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan. Since this year, enterprises in various industries have rushed to invest in photovoltaic power stations. The photovoltaic industry includes Aikang technology and Beijing Express, while cross-border investments include Great Wall computer, open-air coal industry, Evergrande group and other companies& ldquo; It is obvious that the photovoltaic industry has warmed up for a year, but the industry is changing and developing. This year, companies in the industry have launched photovoltaic power plants, seeing the development opportunities. In addition to policy support, the cost reduction of establishing photovoltaic power plants is also a great factor& rdquo; A new energy industry analyst at a securities firm in the North told reporters. The new energy layout of the curtain wall engineering enterprise investor photovoltaic group began in July 2014. On July 10, Shenzhen Fangda new energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fangda new energy), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fangda group, was established and plans to invest RMB 100 million to develop new energy energy-saving technologies such as solar photovoltaic application, photovoltaic building integration and LED industry. On November 26, Fangda new energy signed a cooperation agreement with Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. It plans to invest 4 billion yuan in the construction of photovoltaic distributed power station in Pingxiang City, which will be invested in four years, with a total construction and operation scale of 500 MW. The company also said that it will continue to increase investment in photovoltaic power generation business in the future. It is expected to invest no more than 4.3 billion yuan in 2015 to build photovoltaic power stations no more than 500MWp. Fangda group, which is mainly engaged in curtain wall engineering system, is & ldquo; Big & rdquo;. From its own performance, Fangda group's performance showed an explosive trend in 2013 and was relatively stable in 2014. In 2013, the company signed 2.842 billion yuan of new orders, with a year-on-year increase of 36%. In 2013, the company achieved revenue and net profit of 1.748 billion yuan and 85.6769 million yuan respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 25.02% and 243.42% respectively. In the first three quarters of 2014, the company's net profit reached 59.3004 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.56%. Why does Fangda group, whose business is expanding, invest in photovoltaic power stations? A person from the Board Secretary Office of Fangda group told reporters that the company's investment was not & ldquo; Cross border investment & rdquo;. She said, & ldquo; As early as 2002, Fangda building adopted solar photovoltaic curtain wall technology, and the curtain wall project of Bank of Jiangsu building in Nanjing undertaken by the company in 2013 also applied the company's solar photovoltaic curtain wall system. It can be said that the company has a certain accumulation and technology accumulation in photovoltaic& rdquo;   Fangda group also pointed out in its 2013 annual report that the energy-saving construction and transformation prospects of photovoltaic curtain wall buildings with power generation function are very broad, and high-end photovoltaic curtain wall has become the direction of curtain wall industry transformation. The aforementioned person of the board secretary office said, & ldquo; Solar photovoltaic is related to the company's own curtain wall business, but it has not entered the field of power generation before. Now with investment, the company's original curtain wall system business will not be abandoned& rdquo;   Kong Lingfei, an analyst of Shenyin Wanguo construction industry, said he was optimistic about the above investment& ldquo; The company is awesome in its new energy transformation, and the funding is in place. Jiangxi's provincial subsidies are expected to become the new leader in distributed photovoltaic. rdquo; Photovoltaic power generation welcomes the investment tide & ldquo; of photovoltaic power stations since this year; Enclosure movement & rdquo; It's on again and again. The first is the midstream company in the photovoltaic industry. On December 1, Aikang technology, which mainly manufactures solar photovoltaic accessories, issued a fixed increase plan. It plans to issue no more than 117 million shares at a price of no less than 17.19 yuan / share, raising no more than 2 billion yuan, of which 1.4 billion yuan is invested in 550MW ground photovoltaic power stations in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shandong, Shaanxi and other places, and 600 million yuan is used to supplement working capital. Jingyuntong, which is engaged in the R & D and production of crystal growth equipment, also joined the investment army of photovoltaic power generation projects. On December 2, the company announced that it plans to raise about 2.1 billion yuan, of which 1.26 billion yuan is planned to be invested in three 50MW roof distributed photovoltaic power generation projects in Jiaxing. The second is the companies associated with photovoltaic. In addition to the business relationship between Fangda group and photovoltaic, the fixed increase plan released by Zhongtian Technology, a listed company in the cable industry, on February 18 shows that at a price of no less than 10.43 yuan / share, the non-public offering of no more than 217 million shares and the raising of no more than 2.26 billion yuan are used to supplement working capital Nantong Economic Development Zone has four projects, including 150mwp roof solar photovoltaic power generation in the national distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration zone, of which & ldquo; Roof solar photovoltaic power generation & rdquo; The proposed investment of the project is 1.35 billion yuan. In addition, there are enterprises with cross-border investment in photovoltaic power generation. Great Wall computer, with computers and peripherals as its core business, is a typical cross-border investment. The company plans to raise 800 million yuan to invest in photovoltaic power station, high-end power supply and information security R & D center projects, of which photovoltaic power station project is the focus of investment. The open-pit coal industry (002128. SZ), which is mainly engaged in coal production, processing and sales, also said that it plans to invest 175 million to build a distributed power generation project with a total installed capacity of 20.46 MW (MW). Even Evergrande group, which previously announced that it planned to invest 100 billion yuan to build grain, oil, dairy and animal husbandry, announced on September 29 that it planned to invest 90 billion yuan to build a 9.2 million KW solar photovoltaic power generation project. This project landed in Zhangjiakou may become the largest solar photovoltaic power generation project in China. Behind the investment tide of photovoltaic power generation projects is the encouragement of national policies and the recovery trend of the industry. According to statistics, among the 31 listed companies involved in solar power generation, 22 achieved profits in the first three quarters of 2014, accounting for about 70%, while 17 enterprises increased their net profits in the first three quarters compared with the same period last year, accounting for about 55%. The aforementioned securities analyst told reporters, & ldquo; Compared with the worst time, the industry has warmed up for a year. In the EU & rdquo; Double reverse & ldquo; Under the influence, the biggest loss is the upstream enterprises, followed by the midstream. However, after the prices of raw materials and equipment are reduced, the cost of downstream power stations is also reduced. The state is vigorously encouraging photovoltaic power generation. Midstream enterprises such as Aikang technology have a normal idea of developing power stations& rdquo;   The analyst pointed out that power stations invested by different enterprises may have different development due to light, region and operation, so it is not easy to evaluate which are more promising. She also pointed out that & ldquo; This year, companies invest more in centralized power stations, and next year there will be substantial progress in distributed power stations& rdquo;   & ldquo; As for whether the coming investment tide will lead to overcapacity, this problem is a little far away. This industry is in the ascendant. Our country's new energy power generation is in the initial stage, and many problems such as policy and technology are being solved. Moreover, the demand of the photovoltaic industry is gradually transferring from abroad to China, and the industry is rising& rdquo; She said.

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